Super Nova 1987A
Sun is a hot stone. Since there is no air medium near the sun, the temperature is conserved or remains the same or the temperature is maintained a constant.

Since the earth is rotating with respect to the sun we experience difference in temperature every hour every day. If we take photographs within the atmosphere on the earth, the sun appears to be a flame. It is just like the mirage. The image of the photograph is due to the temperature difference between the different layers in the atmosphere.

We can see the image of the sun with our naked eye in the still water. But when we take photograph of the sun it is not seen as we see in the water. From this we can come to the conclusion that there is no such flame around the sun. If sun's thermal power is due to nuclear fusion, at various places (areas) the temperature difference must be there. If so, three is a possibility that the sun will dissociate into fragments. But it is not so. So therefore we can infer that there is no nuclear fission or fusion.

Also, due to the nuclear function (either fission of fusion) different gases are generated or produced. Thus when large quantity of gas is produced there is a pressure difference. Due to the difference in pressure the other planets may be disturbed or perturbed from their actual path and may even deviate away from the sun. It is not so happening. From this we know that there is not such nuclear function in the sun.

Sun is of many millions of years. There are no ash particles coming out of the sun. If it is emitting such particles the earth and the other planets would have been changed colour. That would have been deposited all over the earth. Due to the particles emitted from the sun,the sky stones and the other planet would have been lost their shining. This ash particle would have affected the satellites, which are having solar cells. That is not happening until now. Therefore we conclude there to no such firing.

In the sun there appear volcanoes at several places and they disappear. When they disappear we see the sunspot.�The recent sunspot is 20 times bigger than the earth. Figure shows how. The lava coming out of the sun's surface looks like to be magnetic lines of forces. Since it is seen from large distance it is like that of the lava coming out of a volcano. Similar volcanoes are there in the earth from this we infer that the outer surface of the sun is hard rock. Since there is no air around the sun, the temperature remains the same (solar const).

All lights emit different colours (at different wavelengths) we use appropriate filters to get the desire colour.

This sun's colour has heavy thermal power. Therefore, this heat energy gives heat effects. The so far existing theories say that the solar eclipse and the moon eclipse are harmful to the human society. But so far as several times eclipses have existed. But there is no considerable harm to any one. So we infer that no such harmful radiations during the eclipse.

According to the latest theories all planets floating in the sky are all made up of plasma weightless gases like helium and hydrogen rocks.�The Earth is also floating in the sky when one sees it from the moon.�But here, no rocks of Helium (He) or Hydrogen (H2).

In the solar family the sand of the earth, moon and the dried mars are all almost one and the same kind.�When sun's light incident on the earth surface there is no serious harm to the human society. Therefore, there are no harmful effects to the human society during the eclipses. The lava coming out of the volcano has no chemical reaction so as to harm the human being.

Inside the earth at the centre there is volcano (The heat here is not due to the nucleon function).�Like this at the centre of the sun there is volcano.�Due to this volcano surface of the sun gets additional heat.�It is known that lava sent out by the sun at a time several years ago the other planets got affected.�That is due to the abrupt heat increase in the surface of the sun, the mars became dry.�The water in the mars is slowly moving like a cloud stars.�(Super nova 1987A).

At the same time, Archaeological survey shows that 2/3 (two third) of the land was swallowed by the earth because of heavy rain, when compared to the other planets the earth's gravitational attraction is more.�So, the water vapour due to the sun again condenses to water, and the water is conserved in earth.�It is not moving to the other planets.