Lands which have been lush green some years back have changed to deserts due to lack of rain. Paddy fields and trees look as if it were set fire. Rain is necessity for every living organisms. Due to the rotation of the earth as well as the location of the place, it will rain if the temperature suits the location. As such, all places suited for rain gets sufficient rain and the desert location looks like deserts too. During certain times, if heat and sweat generated from our body is high, it is a consideration that there will be rain during such times.

At noon, we can feel that there is excess of heat along the sea shore too. Due to sunlight on earth, the air surrounding the land gets more heat. This air flows towards the direction of sea. If such air flows across the shore, the sea shore is affected by more heat. Like this, nature balances heat and cold. (This change occurs due to the sunlight between 7 a.m to 1 p.m ).

Due to the heat from sunlight, air becomes heat in wide area and enlarges and gets exhausted. Because of the vacant place created by this heat, nature balances the cool air at this vacant location thereby it is possible for a cyclone and hence heavy rain occurs. (This change occurs due to the sunlight between 7 a.m to 1 p.m ).

Following this principle, if certain amount of area in space is given enough heat and if it is stopped for a specified period of time, a small climatic change is made possible with the help of the artificial equipment.

In this equipment, there are seven laser head arranged in circular formation which is located with a diameter of 1 Km. All the seven laser beams join together at a distance of 3 kms in height. At that place, heat is high. Since this heat is passed on to area where clouds are heavy, air in that area gets heated much and gets exhausted. After a specified period of time, the heat generated by the laser is terminated thereby the area becomes vacant wherein nature balances (fill) that place with cool air from different locations. At this time, there is a variation in temperature which generates heavy thunder and rain.

  • Since there are lot of water drops present in clouds at a distance within 3 kms, it is better to pass the laser beam within that distance.
  • It is necessary to set the laser beam during nights so that it is possible to view the joining location of the laser beams.
  • If the diameter of the laser beam as well as the heat generated is large, it is possible to attain best results.
  • If this is used in places such as deserts, hottest places and location where there is not much air, then it is possible to get efficient outputs.
  • Because of this, it is possible to bring rain to earth.
  • The heat generated by laser beams does not bring any adverse effect.
  • It is possible for rain only at a distance where the machine is functioning, because of the rotation of earth as well as flow of air.