In today's Contemporary World, Vehicles are used for a variety of purposes. Varied types of four wheelers are released day by day. The entire four-wheeled vehicles are having stearing, which is used to change the direction of course of vehicle. Unfortunately, large amounts of Accidents occur occasionally and unexpectedly.

During most Accidents, the Driver is the most vulnerable person .He is affected mostly by the stearing. It hits the driver mostly in the Chest or above the Chest which is highly fatal. I have invented a Mechanical Device to turn the stearing to face some other direction away from that of the Driver if an Accident occurs and thereby reduces the Driver's risk of Life. This device is termed as SAFETY LEVER by me.

Safety lever is a rod like device made of steel. One end of it is fixed in the chasis near the driver and the other end (top end) touches the middle of the stearing shaft. The top end of the Safety Lever is more or less triangular in shape. The triangular end of the safety Lever closely faces the triangular shaped middle portion of the stearing shaft.

If an Accident occurs the stearing tries to move towards the Driver. But the resistance given instantly by the Safety Lever pushes the stearing shaft upwards, making the stearing bend upwards. Thus the life of the driver is saved averting the attack of the stearing.


I) Type of Accident:

Careless : Accident caused because of the collision between two vehicles in opposite director carelessly. Shaking : Accident occurs when a person animal is moving across the road and due mechanical problem is the vehicles like front wheel puncher, breakage of axel etc. Speed : Due to uncontrolled speed also the accident occurs.

II) Life Leave of Driver:

When a vehicle is collide with another vehicle in direct a free is acting on the stearing shaft connected to the base of a stearing and the stearing is pushed towards the driver and causes death.

III) Remedial in the world and in India :

In certain vehicles in foreign countries a Balloon is fitted at the center of the stearing. When Accident occurs, the Balloon expands immediately. In Indian vehicles there is no driver to safeguard the accident due to stearing.

IV) Success and Failure:

In certain times the balloon protects lives. At certain other times the balloon does not expands. In certain other times the balloon expands and blast and causes accident.

V) Necessarily of this proposed:

SAFTY LEVER: There is a device needed which give 100% accident free that 9 called as safety lever.

VI) New Proposal Changing the Direction of Stearing:

When accident occurs the stearing is not made in move towards the driver but moves in the opposite direction.

VII) Various Parts:

One edge of the lever is connected to the chassis of the vehicles and the other end is just take 180o left and right cone. Inclined to an angle 45o with vertical.

VIII) Use: Safety:

It gives 100% protection to the driver directly the accident. If the free is acting 180o left or right in front and in opposite direction the stearing can turn to an angle of 45o towards the direction of the free.

IX) Functioning:

One end of the safety lever is rightly fitted with the chassis. The other end of the safety lever is just inclement to 45 o with the vertical. The cone shaped device, fitted with stearing safety is also inclined to 45 o when accident occurs the stearing which. Pushed in the backward direction, towards the drive turn's backs towards the direction of the free because of the action of safety lever tip.

X) Hope 100% Confidence:

The stearing shaft can be made from the strong steel and it is fitted in a right way it goes 100% confidence.

XI) Expected cost:

Rs. 3000/- only. (60 US$)

XII) Any Failure: Maintenance:

If the safety lever is not exactly fitted with the chassis. If there is no oil is the safety lever tip