Electricity can be produced from the Human Body generally by two Methods


Several parts of ur body are under constant movements continuously or intermittently. The Thoracic (chest) regions of our body exhibit a continuous rhythmic movement from birth to death. The Contraction and Expansion of the lungs are responsible for this movement.


The intake of air during breathing causes the lungs to expand; subsequently the intercoastal mucles are relaxed and it causes the outward movement. When the air is given out, the reverse of this process occurs. This expansion and contraction can be made use of by a dynamo and is coverted to electricity. The contraction and expansion varies from person to person and the amount of electricity obtained also varies accordingly.


  • Part 1. Leather Belt
  • Part 2. Plastic Board
  • Part 3. Gearbox
  • Part 4. Dynamo
  • Part 5. One way Diode (1N 4007)
  • Part 6. Chargeable Battery
  • Part 7. Pin ESP Socket (Female Pin)
  • Part 8. Clip
  • Part 9. Cover
Plan View
Bottom View



The belt has two portions connected with an elastic connection, which allows expansion and contraction. This transmits the movements to the gearbox. The leather belt is used to hold the board in front of the chest.


In one portion of the belt, the plastic board is fastened with the help of a clip.The size of the board will be about 15 cm x 9 cm. This board holds the following

  1. Dynamo
  2. Gearbod
  3. Chargeable Battery
  4. Diode
  5. A cover - to cover the entire system


The gearbox is made up of plastic. The expansion caused by the intake of air during breathing - rotates the armature of the Dynamo with the help of the Gearbox.


The connection given from the gearbox to the armature of the small Dynamo facilitates easy rotation of the armature. Electricity is produced by the Dynamo in accordance with the rate of rotation of the armature and is stored in the chargeable battery.


The Diode is fitted in the wire between the chargeable battery and the Dynamo. It is to prevent the electricity taking a reverse route from the battery to dynamo.


The electricity produced by the Dynamo is stored in the chargeable battery. This electricity can be taken our for utilization through an EP socket connected by a wire.


These are used for fastening Gearbox, Chargeable Battery, Dynamo, Belt and Cover with the board.


This Plastic Cover is fixed with the board and is used to cover the entire system. It conceals the system with in the shirt. In this cover the EP Socket (Output) is also fitted.


The electricity Produced and Stored by this method can be used for tiny electronic applications like Pocket Radio, Walkman and Small Fan. The maximum output will be in the range of 3 volts DC.


  1. Importance of Electricity Electricity has great significance in our life. With out current we can't live. Electricity can be used in sewing machine, luxiourious device like A/C, industry and all other fields.
  2. Various method of generating electricity Electricity can be generated from heating, hydro electric Project, air, sea waves and Solar radiations
  3. Various constant movement in the human body Our Heart and lungs are vibrating uniformly all the 24 hours of the day.
  4. Mechanical energy of this movement Heart: We can observe the vibration of our hearts from certain parts of the body. Its main function is to produce uniform Blood circulation. Thoracie: We can observe its vibration in our body. Its main function is to produces uniform breathing. It also purifies the blood.
  5. Equipment to trop this energy: We can observe the working of Heart and Lungs by an instruments Spiro meter. The mass of the Lungs is 600 gram for a man of mass is 70 kilogram. The energy consumed by lungs where mass is 600 gram is 12 kilocalories. The mass of the lungs is 800 gram for a person of mass between 70kg to 100kg.The energy consumed by the lungs of mass 800gms is 14 kilocalories. This Energy can be taken from the food.
  6. Various part of this equipment 1.Lether belt 2.Plastic Board 3.Plastic gear box 4.Small dynamo 5. Chargeable battery 6.Pin ESP socket 7. Female pin 8. Clips 9.Cover 10. Diode 11. Condenser
  7. Efficiency of conversion: When we breathe air inside and given out outside by means of our lungs .It can produce vibration of amplitude 3mm to 10mm. This vibration can be given to the plastic gearbox, which in turns rotates. Hence the armature of the dynamo, which is connected to the plastic gearbox, also rotates and produces as Alternating current. This Alternating current can be converted in to a D.C current and it can be stored in the chargeable battery. From the chargeable battery we can draw the current according to our needs. This is my proposal.

    Here an ordinary Leather belt is divided into two halves and an elastic device is fitted in between them. Now it appears to be a single belt. One end of this belt is connected to the plastic Board. The plastic Gearbox is fitted to this plastic board.

    One part of the gearbox is fitted to the Lever arrangement. One edge of the lever is fitted in such a way that it can moves up and down and this is connected to the other end of the divided plastic belt. The other end of the lever is connected to the tooth wheel arrangement.

    When we breath air inside and gives outside then the chest expands and contract the belt which is tide with the chest also expands and contracts made to operate the Gear box, the lever which is connected with the gear box moves up and down and made to rotate the tooth wheel which is attached to the other end of the lever. This tooth wheel made to rotate the other tooth wheel connected with the tooth wheel. These tooth wheels rotates the armature of the dynamo, which is connected, with the tooth wheel of the gearbox. When the armature in the dynamo rotate it products alternating current. By using a Function Diode the A.C current can be converted in to the D.C current. The condenser, which is connected with circuit, produces High voltage D.C, current that can be stored in the chargeable battery. From this battery we can obtain the maximum of 3-volt D.C current.
  8. Cost of this conversion Only Rs.150/- only (3 US $ )
  9. Any side effect This instrument does not have any side effect. It is just like an ordinary belt.
  10. Economically valuate It is similar in size and very compact.
  11. Advantages Using this current we can operate pocket radio, Walkman and small fans. Since the output of the DC current is 3V.