The surface of the Earth is spreader with carbon and hence the depletion of the Ozone layer. Since the surface of the earth is affected by the chlorofluorocarbons from the domestic and the factory wastes , the temperature of the earth is further increased to a very high value. Because of this over heat the ocean and the lake, river etc., water will also increased in its temperature. Because of this increased in temperature of the ocean water , most of the water from the ocean will be evaporated from the ocean and hence the earth's gravitation will also changes. Due to this change in the earth'gravitational attraction the clouds formed by the evaporated water will also go to a higher altitude. Like the SuperNova 1987A star (which was also initially a huge cloud). Which is believed to have formed due to the very high temperature of the mars

Like that the huge cloud formed due to the evaporated water from the ocean on the earth will also revolves round the universe. But we do not know where exactly it will go and will form a different star like the one which is the Super Nova.1987A.

Since the huge cloud would have gone beyond the gravitational pull it would not come back to earth and will fall as rain. Because of this the rate of rain fall will decrease and the temperature of the earth will further increased.

Like what had happened to the mars will also happened to the earth. That is in mars, as there is no air and water to live in so shall be to the earth too. To protect the huge ice rocks from melting in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans ,the temperature of the globe must be controlled and to be minimized.

To control the temperature of the earth and to protect it, we have to use oil and water-filters in the silencers of the vehicles and in the industrial smoke outlets and in the domestic home appliances.

Dry Place in Mars
Super Nova 1987-A

The filters used here is named as the "oil and water- filter". This filter consists of three important parts.

  • First part is the oil-filter.
  • Second part is the nice cotton cloth which acts as a filter for the oil and the hot air.
  • The third part is the water-filter set up.


When the acid and oil- mixed hot air comes out from the silencer ,enters into the first part of the filter loses its acidity.


When the acid and oil- mixed hot air comes out from the first part, and enters into the second part of the filter, it further reduces its acidity and it purifies the moist oily air passes from the cotton cloth , it absorbs the moist oil and air and hence it is purified at the second part .

Super Nova 1987-A


When the hot air (with carbon -di- oxide )comes out from the second part goes to the third part which is a water-filter which consists of a cold water pot further reduces the residuals and finally the output from the silencer is completely purified and goes out from the outlet of the filter as a cool domestic pure air.

Thus the outlet from the silencer is purified and comes out as an oxygen content air.

When this set-up is fixed in the automobiles, factories ,home appliances such as refrigerators ,industries, in high- speed generators etc., and in all pollution-giving equipments we can avoid the global warming by controlling the chlorofluorocarbon content in the atmosphere.