Shown in the picture, when we use steel plate, water and tiles by porus action the heat becomes cool.

Steel plate becomes heated and thereby water is heated. Next, the tiles made up of soil is fitted. Due to the porus action, the minute holes balances the heat. The tiles obsorbs the cool from the free air.

Due to more heat the free air gets heated. So the tiles become warm. Because of the porus action the tiles obsorbs the cool from the water and balances the heat in the free air. By this method lot of heat is reduced. The water becomes heated due to the continuous action. The tiles in order to balance heat of water it obsorbs the cool from the free air by porus action method.

The third tiles outside becomes cool and the heat changes to cool.

As shown in the picture it should be used in a set. There is not other energy needed for it.

We can avail the maximum benefit when the heated area is bigger than this system. The tiles fixed in it should be made up of soil only (not of cement).