Electricity is of great use to mankind. We can prepare Artificial Magnets with the help of electricity. We can make a core iron, surrounded with a copper coil into a magnet using D.C. When we supply negative and positive potential alternatively, the magnet also forms North and South Pole alternatively.

Usually when we try to join two magnets' like poles of the magnets repel and unlike poles attract.

When we join like poles, according to the magnetic principle one pole repels the other. Using this repelling effect Lightning train is prepared.

Its speed depends upon magnetic density and also the speed of changing the negative and positive potentials.

The speed with which the negative and the positive potentials are given alternatively will be in the speed of alternating of A.C. or many times the speed of A.C. As such the speed of the Linghtning Train will coincide with the speed of the current we supply.

The runway of the train is made of a series of magnets, and the front portion of the train is made of another magnet called Pushing Magnet.

The negative and positive current is given alternatively to the runway magnets in such a way that it pushes and pulls the pushing magnet of the train.

The pushing magnet (in the front portion of the train) is homogeneous, so no need for the supply of negative and positive potential. The needed unipolar current is given to it as other ordinary Electric Train. The pushing magnet is slightly longer than the runway magnet. When the lower portion of the pushing magnet and the upper portion of the runway magnet attain the negative potential, they repel each other. At the same time the next magnet of the runway is given positive potential and it attracts the pushing magnet, thus the pushing magnet is pulled forward. When the pushing magnet (with the train) reaches that runway magnet, the positive potential of that magnet is turned to negative and attains the pushing capability. Thus, by the alternate change of negative and positive potentials, the lightning train runs smoothly and fastly.


The Train can be controlled even in the absence of driver from a particular station. Increasing the speed, decreasing the speed, applying the brake & all other controls can be applied from a particular station itself by changing the various parameters of the applied current.


Two types of brakes are there

  • Electric Magnetic Brake
  • Wheel Brake.


Actually the Train moves in accordance with the speed of applied current, but depending on the strength of the electric current, the convenience of the runway and the weight of the train, the speed can be increased or decreased.


All type of conveniences got from electricity, is also got from these Lightning Trains. Since they do not make use of Combustible Fuels, they run in their path without any Sound or Smoke. Surrounding area will not be polluted. Thus, they are highly Eco-Friendly.