Man is a creation of God with a difference.

Man's body contains many mechanism. Man's body parts are useful to make the spare parts of machines. Sometimes our body is affected due to virus attack and change in climate we become sick and weak. Hicup is one among them.

Hicup occurs due to thirst, change in climate and indigetion. At this time Phernic nerve is activated.

We can get relief by drinking water. Non-availability of water, we can follow some mechanism to get relief.

When the nerve is activated the air from the Esophagus should be halted to avoid hicup.

When the Esophagus is folded a little, the air is stopped there itself and no hicup.

By bending our head, wherein the chin should touch our chest for 3 minutes and it would help folding the Esophagus.

By this method, the air is forced into the intestine. When we do this for 3 times, the air goes to the intestine and thereby halts the hiccup. We can get complete relief without any medicine or machine.